What do I look for in a Driving Instructor?

Good driving instructors have genuine pride in their standard and how they present themselves to you, the customer.

They will be polite, courteous and reliable. Training will be structured to help you learn quickly and safely enabling you to take and pass the driving test as soon as possible.

Look for an instructor who offers a proper course plan with evidence of a structure and method to the tuition. All forms of teaching are more effective if they are organized.

Do not be afraid to ask questions of an instructor of how you will be taught, good instructors will be pleased to tell you.

Protea Driving School try to maintain the highest standards to ensure an excellent level of driving tuition.

Can anyone guarantee that I will pass?

You may have heard of the guaranteed pass course that some driving schools offer. It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well you're right. No one can guarantee that when you take the driving test that you will automatically pass. Driving examiners are beyond reproach and will test you fairly. If you are good enough you will pass. Take the driving test when you and your instructor both agree that you are ready, and then there should be no reason for you not to pass.

How much tuition will I need?

It is impossible to give a firm number to the lessons that a learner will need without first seeing how they learn and take things in. Everyone learns to drive at a rate that suits him or her.

In general all learners will fall into one of five learner categories:




Below average


Some learners find driving comes naturally to them and can't understand what all the fuss is about, for others learning will prove to be more difficult.

Although each learner will need to take tuition to meet his or her own needs it is possible to offer a guide. The guide is based on a learner starting with little or no experience taking at least one two-hour lesson a week.

By using five known components an estimate can be given as to the tuition hours that each type of learner would normally need to take.

    How many lessons are taken each week - Taking more than one lesson a week normally means that you will need less lessons in total.
     Does the learner have previous driving experience - Have you ridden a motorbike? It can help with road sense.
    Whether extra practice is taken outside of lessons - Will you drive with a family member between lessons?
    The quickness in remembering what has been taught - Will you study additional theoretical driving instructions.
    The age of the learner at the time of taking lessons - From the age of 18 the sooner you start the quicker learning will be.


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